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IT-Systemhaus mit erstklassigen Consultants (Berater) & Dienstleistern

Comparison platform software – IT network service provider – hardware recommendation & first-class consultant for your company – gives, the first platform in Germany, Switzerland and Austria that not only represents all relevant IT areas but also unites them.
Are you looking for an experienced & competent IT system house for your company or for the absolutely suitable software solution for your company and for a manageable budget? Then we at are your ideal contact when it comes to IT consulting – software comparison and IT consulting and this is absolutely free of charge even for the first inquiry. [Read more = „more“ less = „close“]

We see ourselves as an IT association that solves the industry and organize the appropriate software solution for our customers with the appropriate service provider if there is no service provider of our own and regionally. We have over 40 industries in which you can find the right software solution and if you are in a hurry, simply submit your request and we will answer your request quickly and competently.

In addition, we are on the road for you in the entire German-speaking area and have a regional, independent partner network. Each location is a member of the association and has its own structures, which means we can offer you the highest level of flexibility and a wide range of options so that we can offer you advice on the right software solution at any time.

Our understanding goes far beyond classic IT consulting, as we consider your processes holistically and then offer individual industry solutions (such as law firm software, DATEV, ticket system, which you can see under industries ). This means that you are flexible and optimally positioned with your company not only now, but also in the future. [/ read]

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Software und Softwarevergleiche für Ihr Unternehmen



Was müssen Sie beachten bei einem Softwarekauf? Gehe ich mit der Zeit oder lieber mit der Funktion? Nicht jede Software bietet das was Sie verspricht. Wir klären auf – geben eine Übersicht und helfen Ihnen das richtige Instrument zu finden, ganz ohne Nebengeräusche schnell und reibungslos und dass zu einem vernünftigen Preis Leistungsverhältniss. Mein Name ist Danilo Creutzburg und ich bin verantwortlicher Senior Techniker über viele Jahre in einem Unternehmen gewesen welches maßgeschneiderte, branchenübergreifende Beratungen zu Software und Hardware durchgeführt hat.

Nun, das Problem ist, dass sich nicht jeder einen Maßanzug leisten möchte und genau an der Stelle helfe ich Ihnen einen Überblick zu bekommen. Klicken Sie, um auf den Bereich Software zu gelangen und ich zeige Ihnen wie man schnell und gezielt das richtige Produkt findet. Unser Softwareassistent hilft Ihnen garantiert dabei das optimale Produkt binnen 24 Stunden zu finden. Wenn Sie sich fragen, wie so ein Service kostenlos funktioniert, unsere Seite finanziert sich durch Werbebanner in Unterseiten.
Haben Sie ebenfalls Interesse an Hardware? Dann besuchen Sie uns doch auf unserer neuen Rubrik Hardware, wo jeden Tag mehr hochwertiger Content hinzukommt.

Hardware – Software ist gut und schön, aber nur mit der richtigen Hardware läuft der Laden…

We look for and recommend the right hardware for you. In our hardware area you will also find an assistant that will help you to find the right counterpart. In addition, we show you what to consider, clarify the 5 most important points about hardware and thus ensure an optimal price-performance ratio.

First of all, one of the most important points you should know about hardware these days: The most expensive processor is NOT the measure of all things anymore, as it was a few years ago. Battery life and the right energy balance are far more important and with the right device can get you over the next few years. Incidentally, if you buy several devices, we can find the right dealer for you and, if necessary, the right IT service provider at the same time.

IT-Dienstleistung mit erstklassigen Consultants (Berater) & Dienstleistern.

Just turn on your PC worry-free and just work – or reduce the IT costs of your company. These and other requirements come up to us every day and it is not even difficult, one thinks, but if you take a closer look there are various hurdles to be overcome. Only experienced specialists can help you find your way between IT security and IT process formation. We have put together the most important questions and can choose the right solution for you from the multitude of providers and, with it, the right partner.

Click here and you will get to the assistant for your concerns in the IT service area and we will find the right contact for you within one working day – quickly regionally and in your area.

Services in Form von technischen Diensten wird immer populärer und wichtiger!

So service is service but IT services is something else, because it is about the provision of services. Mostly and increasingly these services come from the cloud, but how do you get there and do you also have the need as an entrepreneur for your employees and programs / data independently of computers via your own cloud server in the company, which would then be a private cloud or available externally as services deliver? We clarify and give you the right guide, contact and everything else you need to hand – regardless of whether you are a private company, public institution or as an IT service provider want to really step on the gas and the „local computer installation“ want to renounce.

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